Beyond Barrels in the Mentawai


One of the earth’s best-preserved indigenous cultures in Western indonesia is close to being extinguished by the impact of unsustainable modernization. The pristine nature surrounding the shaman and hunter communities is endangered by illegal logging, plantations, and tourism. Lack of proper waste management and inadequate energy equity have become serious issues for sustainable development of the communities and environmental protection.

This project provides the communities with a waste-to-energy solution that both improves local energy equity through increased renewable power supply and reduces poverty by enabling new forms of employment and business activities. The investor may engage in power sales and inclusive business with project beneficiaries.


Project Scope: 77,000 people

Project Budget: 6,000,000 USD

Activity: Access to energy, technical and business training

Output: 1 MW MSW and biomass gasification power plant, new inclusive businesses

Outcome: Access to sustainable energy, higher income for indigenous population, new employment and business opportunities, reduced CO2 emissions, improved waste and landscape management

Impact: Sustainable energy production, improved socio-economic integration and community livelihood, reduced poverty through new employment and business opportunities enabled by access to electricity and subcontracting

Brand Building and Reputation Management: Stronger brand image, CSR effectiveness, income through power sales, dividends USD/year (JV members)