Renegotiating the deal between people, businesses and the environment.

We provide a bridge for new environmental technologies, service providers, and manufacturers to realize their solutions adapted in a best fit manner through infrastructure development, systems design and close cooperation with local communities. Our method is to help set up a model for a regenerative eco-system in all communities where we work. 


Who We Are

We are a company that brings brilliant existing innovations to opportune but less obvious markets. The initial focus for Nusa Sentara is the waste management crisis in various communities in Indonesia.


Our aim is to develop a model which can be used for projects throughout Indonesia. We have targeted these sites for their difference in scope, level of environmental degradation and proximity to conservation areas or UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Happening now

We believe that change is a by product of awareness, opportunity and action.  So we are dedicated to share with you not just what we are up to, but also what other great people, companies and communities are achieving.