In all the communities where we operate we support the identification and development of all stakeholders and components necessary in a circular economic model.

The core of Nusa Sentara is to facilitate cross-border technology transfer; to international markets. Nusa Sentara is a bridge builder; a facilitator, consultant and contractor in the process of enabling international technology transfer and implementation.

Right now, Nusa Sentara is bringing state of the art technology in the waste to energy sector to Indonesian communities that are suffering from both a waste management crisis and are also lacking clean and reliable energy sources to power their communities.

We don't see the lack of current infrastructure in our target communities as a set back, rather we see this as a prime opportunity for a community to play leap frog, completely skipping less efficient, costly, and environmentally degrading infrastructures and jumping forward to the sustainable systems that are the future.

Founding Family

The idea behind Nusa Sentara came about based on the shared ideological interest of three siblings, each with aims to work towards an environmentally sustainable future in the areas of renewable energy, waste management and resource restoration.  Each with different professional skills and backgrounds which allow the issue to be addressed from a common goal but different perspectives.



Natasha Viitasaari
Partner, Finance & Legal


Sabrina Viitasaari
Partner, Business Development


Solomon Viitasaari
Partner, Research & Operations

Associates & Advisors

We are a crew of environmental idealists, who all happen to have pretty extensive experience in the areas of environmental operations, policy and governance and service design. Our team has over 10 yrs experience in operations in Indonesia’s environmental and sustainability sector. This experience has allowed us to cultivate relationships and partnerships with the necessary capabilities within both the political, administrative and industry sectors necessary to ensure the successful implementation of cross cultural projects. 


Henri Hoffren
Research Analyst

Aleksandr Lazarenko
Head of Technology

Daria Lipatova
Head of Partnerships

Morten Steen
Head of Strategy



Jaakko Rauramo

Pekka Viljakainen

Michaela Spencer

Reima Ronholm
Advisor, Service Design

Risto Kantola
Advisor, UX


Our Network

Our global environmental challenges cannot be solved by a single organization. We have teamed up with other talented players in order to tackle different aspects of the problem.